This happened on Notes to self, mostly paraphased.

On Being a Content Creator

  • Write, even if topic has been poached before
  • Know medium hacks: tagging, back-linking, etc…

On Learning and Resources

  • csstricks
  • frontendmasters
  • freecodecamp

On Books

  • The Culture Map
  • Why we sleep
  • Atomic Habits

On Interviews

  • How you collaborate, handle people problems
  • Sound like you have an answer by thinking/writing beforehand
  • Be honest

On Time

  • Sleep is under-rated

On Diagrams

  • Procreate
  • Sigma

On Community

  • Conferences
  • Twitter

On Her Interviews Google vs Spotify

  • No focus on framework
  • Plain HTML/CSS
  • Asynchronous programming
  • DS and Algo

On Hackathons vs Internships

  • She hates hackathons
  • Those are for sponsors to do work for them

On Portfolio

  • Even having a project that showcases some skills is good
  • Doesn’t need to be complex

On Interviews: Bad Experiences

  • She rejected a company and they spite her with surprise technical interview
  • Cool story

On Internships Again

  • Just apply
  • Companies don’t always know what they are looking for

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